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Showdown At Channel 3

August 18, 2015

Posted below is an interesting article from the May 18-25, 1988 issue of the Syracuse New Times. It describes the takeover of WSTM Channel 3 News by a company outside of Syracuse and the subsequent firing of all of its employees. The article reminded me of a similar situation in 2009 which resulted in nearly all of WTVH’s employees being fired and the shutdown of WTVH itself. Click on each image to see it full size.

newtimes-01 newtimes-02 newtimes-03 newtimes-04

Oh, and in case you were wondering – the Chickenmania article was also quite disturbing.

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Penn Can Mall 1980s video posted

July 24, 2008

I’ve posted a video clip of Penn Can Mall from the mid-1980s in the video sections of both the Penn Can Mall and Syracuse Nostalgia sites. Thanks to Mike Warden for sending me the video and letting me post it! Mike used to work in various malls across the country drawing caricatures of people. He worked in Penn Can Mall several times and filmed some footage with his Beta Camcorder in the mid-1980s. What I enjoyed the most about this clip was hearing The Clock ring again. You can clearly hear the infamous tune followed by four clangs, indicating that it was 4pm. Here are the direct links to the video pages:

Penn Can Mall Video Clips
Syracuse Area Home Video