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Cicero – The Book, Video Clips, Links

April 27, 2009

I’ve made a few updates to the Syracuse Nostalgia site:

Cicero – Images Of America – Includes over 200 historical Cicero, NY photos plus information on how to order a signed copy of Cicero, the book.

Syracuse, NY Video Clips – To save time and space, I consolidated all of my local Syracuse clips onto one page featuring links to playlists on YouTube.

Links – I’ve added a link to my new Blues-Rock band, The Sweathogs.


New Syracuse commercials & news clips added to site

December 28, 2008

I just added several video clips to the Syracuse Nostalgia site, as well as one to the Penn Can Mall site. Click on the links below to go directly to the new pages.

Syracuse, NY News Reports – Page 3

Syracuse area commericals – Page 4

Penn Can Mall video clips


November 30, 2008

I originally started the Penn Can Mall site, and later the Syracuse Nostalgia site, for something fun to do. I figured that only a couple of friends that I grew up with would enjoy it. The response that I’ve gotten to the site is amazing. I’ve gotten many e-mails, as well as comments in the Guestbook and Forum, telling me that they appreciate the site and that I’ve helped bring back many memories for them. I say this not to brag or anything, but just to say that it feels really nice to get those kind of comments and to know that I’ve helped to make someone happy, even if just for a little while.

What’s been really heart-warming is that I’ve received a couple of messages from people telling me that they’ve seen lost loved ones in some of the photos and videos I’ve posted. These messages make me feel like I’m actually doing something good for the community and that the site is definitely worth all of the time I put into it. Here are some examples of some of the nice messages I’ve received:

Re: “Little Loon” – 3 Country Video Clip
Yesterday(Thanksgiving Day), my sister sent me a link to your Youtube clip of “Little Loon” – my father, Maurice Dennis. Our Dad passed away on December 22, 1987 and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about him, especially during this time of year. …. This year, 2008, he would have been 100 years  old – born December 2, 1908. …we were were all delighted to see and hear Dad aka Grandpa.   My youngest son said it had been a long time since he’d heard Grandpa’s voice…. He was a doting and fun-loving grandfather who left us with wonderful memories and life lessons.  Our family will celebrate his 100th birthday on December 2nd with his favorite food and especially a pineapple upside down cake which we always made for him.  Thank you for a Thanksgiving gift that we all appreciated and will share with the next generation who will come to know their great grandfather through our stories, pictures and video clips.


Re: Rod Carr 1972 News Clip
Just a quick note to say I can’t believe how many phone calls and emails I’ve received regarding my old WNYS-TV video clip. It was heart-warminng, really.
Warmest regards,
rod carr

Re: “The Spirit Of Homer” – 3 Country Video Clip
My name is … and I’m writing to you from Western Japan. I just wanted to offer you my deep appreciation for posting the video about Homer, New York. I’m from the neighboring town of Cortland. That small general store was known as Clarke Brothers and the shop’s owner is my dad, Phil Clarke. It was truly amazing to see our little family store again after so many years (we closed it in ’97). It was even more amazing to see my dad when he was only 58. (He’s still going strong at the age of 86).
You did me and my family a great service and we all thank you very much. Take care. I hope all is well with you and yours.

Re: Sweetheart Market Video Clip
You made my day. I saw my mom, Liz Hanmer, in one of the videos smiling away as she always did. Melted my heart. I lost her August ’07 and this was a nice surprise. I’ll try to gather up Sweetheart Market items I have – take pictures of them and send them along for you to share. Again, thank you for making my day!!

New Syracuse area video clips added

October 26, 2008

I’ve added over 40 video clips of old local commercials and news footage to the site. I’m a little burnt out after uploading that many at once. So, instead of giving my thoughts on the clips I’ll just give the links to the updated pages.

Syracuse News Clips

Syracuse Commercials

STM Showboat Clips

Syracuse Nostalgia Main Page


Penn Can Mall jingle used elsewhere + site updates

September 20, 2008

I just wanted to let everyone know that I do have some updates coming soon. I’ve been getting several items from Jason Beard (who has a large collection of Syracuse memorabilia) and will most likely be getting more in the near future. I’ve already posted some of the things I’ve gotten from him (most recently some stuff from WSTM’s Saturday Showboat). However, some of the items I’ve gotten from him will not fit in their own category, so I’m waiting until I have enough things to make a “various items” page.

I’ve also just recently purchased a large collection of Beta tapes, and have just started to go through them. It will probably be quite awhile before I start posting any clips from these tapes. I’ve only checked out a few so far, and they seem to include a mix of HBO movies and broadcasts from local channels. I have already found a Switz’s commercial and a Marketplace Mall commercial, so I’m hoping there will be more cool local footage on some of these tapes.

Here’s a fun fact about Penn Can Mall that I hadn’t heard before:
Rich Borosky recently sent me an e-mail to let me know that the Penn Can Mall jingle (two versions of this are posted near the top of the main Penn Can Mall page) was also used in 1975 for a department store in Buffalo called AM&A. Since Penn Can opened in 1976, I have to assume that the jingle was used for AM&A first. Rich was also nice enough to send me a copy of the AM&A jingle. Click on the link below (or right-click and save) to check it out.

AM&A Department Store jingle

Just a reminder – I am still looking for contributions for the site. If you have any Syracuse area memorabilia – including photos, documents, audio or video, please send me an e-mail at

Penn Can Mall
Syracuse Nostalgia

Penn Can Mall 2002 “Dead Mall Tour” DVD

August 2, 2008

Here’s a video trailer I’ve recently made for the Penn Can Mall 2002 “Dead Mall Tour” DVD:

Click here to go directly to the “Dead Mall Tour” DVD section of the site for more information about the film.


Penn Can Mall
Syracuse Nostalgia

Mike Price & McDonalds destroyed sign

July 7, 2008

Usually I’d make a blog post to promote an update I had made to one of my sites (you know the ones, Penn Can Mall and Syracuse Nostalgia). This time I just had two random thoughts I wanted to write about.

1 – Mike Price
Mike Price ruled. He recently retired after being on Channel 9 News in Syracuse for 46 years. 46 years! Damn! He always made me laugh with his sometimes ridiculous on-location pieces. I can’t think of any other local newscaster that would do some of the silly things that he’s done. He was really nice when I met him in person at the NYS Fair and was the only local news person that I would wait in line to get my picture taken with.

2 – Destroyed McDonalds sign
I told you these were random thoughts. What the heck happened to the McDonalds sign on Route 11 in North Syracuse a couple of weeks ago?  It was broken, with only the bottom parts of the “M” still standing.

The rest of the sign was laying on the ground behind where it originally stood, surrounded by some “caution” tape.

That sign had been there for as long as I can remember, so it was quite an odd thing to see. Also odd was the fact that I saw nothing about this on the news or online. Anyway, about a week later the sign was back up. I know, it’s not that interesting of a story. I was just wondering if anyone heard what happened.

Peace and Chicken McNuggets,

Syracuse audio & video clips

June 24, 2008

Hello again.

I’ve made a couple of updates to the site. First, I added clips from a show called “3 Country”, which aired on WSTM in 1980 and 1981. Click here to see that page. If you think some of the clips on that page are a little odd, you should see the ones I didn’t post!

I’ve also added a new “Syracuse Radio Commercials” section, featuring ads from the 1950s to the 1970s. Click here to see that page. Also, on the Penn Can Mall site I’ve added a different theme song next to the one that was near the top of the main page. All of these audio clips, as well as the “3 Country” clips are from the collection of Jason Beard. I will hopefully be getting many more things to post from his great collection soon.

I also added page 2 to the Upstate NY Commercials section. Click here for that page. These commercials come from some old VHS tapes I received from Jimmy Lewis. If you have any old video tapes (prior to 1995) that were used to tape local channels please let me know. I will be glad to go through them and try to find any old local commercials, shows, or news footage. Send an e-mail to for more information.

I’m going to be posting something very rare and very cool soon. It’s so cool, I’m not even sure what it is, exactly. I don’t want to give too much away yet, but I’ll post a little hint (ok, a big hint)…

North Syracuse Historical Photos & other updates

June 6, 2008

I just thought I’d make a post about some of the updates that I’ve made to the site and some that are coming soon.

First off, I temporarily removed the “History Of Cicero” section. It was just an empty page anyway, so I figured I’d just take it down for now until I get permission to post the photos again. For those that don’t know what I’m talking about – for a short time I did have over 500 historical photos posted of the Cicero area, courtesy of the Cicero Historian. It turns out that there will soon be a book published which will include some of these photos so I was asked to take them down. I will hopefully be able to post the photos that are not to be included in the book soon.

Also, I will, unfortunately, not be receiving any more video tapes from WTVH. Frankly, I was surprised that I got the tapes that I did. I just hope that the station takes measures to preserve and archive those tapes. There’s a lot of local history there. Speaking of which…

I changed the introductory paragraph to the Syracuse Nostalgia page. I just wanted to stress to everyone to please send in their old VHS or Betamax video tapes that include programs taped off of local channels (meaning not HBO or other pay cable channels). Some of these tapes may include some priceless local commercials, shows, or news broadcasts. So, while I will not be getting any more tapes directly from WTVH, I can still post things I get from private collections. So, I will gladly go through whatever you have and then return your tapes when I’m done. Where applicable, I will also give you a copy of the DVD that I made from your footage. Send an e-mail to for more information.

Back to the updates – I recently received many photos from Robert Henry, the North Syracuse Historian. I added these photos to Page 1 and Page 2 of the History Of North Syracuse section. Some of the photos from this collection were also added to the Sweetheart Market page and the William Grocery page. These two pages were also redesigned to make them have a more chronological order. Previously the updates were just added to the bottom of these pages in the order that I received them, and I realized that it just made more sense to redesign the pages with more of a timeline in mind.

I recently met a man who has one of the most impressive collections of Syracuse memorabilia that I have ever seen. What’s great about his collection is that it spans several decades, and includes things in many different formats. There are photos, videos and audio recordings from many different eras. He’s been nice enough to allow me to post some of his collection on the site. I have transferred a couple of videos of his to DVD already, and will be getting some more things soon. I will start putting a page together of these things within the next couple of weeks. It may take awhile to get all of his collection transferred to a digital format but, believe me, it will be worth the wait!

Thanks for reading,

Plank Road and WTVH Archive videos

May 3, 2008

I’ve just recently made a major update to the Syracuse Nostalgia page, and will do another one soon.

Yesterday I added the History Of North Syracuse page. I recently received a video from the North Syracuse Historian, Robert Henry, which showed a photographic history of North Syracuse and Plank Road. I divided this video up into four parts, and posted them on the site. Robert was also nice enough to let me browse through his collection of pictures and pick out ones that I would want to post on the site. I chose a bunch of photos, trying to pick out ones that weren’t already included in the Plank Road video. He said he will be putting these photos on a CD for me soon, so hopefully I’ll be posting them in the next couple of weeks.

One thing I noticed from working with Robert, and also from working with the Cicero Historian, Thomas Mafrici, is that they both were really nice to work with and seemed eager to share their collection with the public. I think they just didn’t really have the means to get their collections online. Something else I noticed from their collections was that, for the most part, they would only include photos up until the 1950s. I know this isn’t either of their faults, but you would think that local history stopped at 1960. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s interested in seeing the history of the area from the 1960s through the 1980s (and beyond). So, I guess it’s up to all of us to try and gather as much photographic history (and video history) as we can. That’s why I always encourage people to send in whatever old photos of the local area they may have. I will share them online for free, so anyone can view or download them.

I am also working on another “WTVH Archives” update. I recently received another group of tapes from Keith Kobland at WTVH-5 News. I really appreciate Keith being nice enough to share some of these tapes. I have a feeling some of this footage would never be seen again if we weren’t doing this. For the most part, the tapes that he’s been giving me are 3/4″ tapes (also called U-Matic tapes). These tapes and the machine to play them on have not been made in a long time. Here is a picture of one of the huge 3/4″ tapes (next to a Ron Curtis VHS tape, for scale): 

Here is a picture of the humongous 3/4″ player that I recently got from eBay (again with the Ron Curtis VHS tape used for scale): 

You can see that the player is just about as tall as the average VHS tape.

A problem that I am having concerning these tapes is which clips to include on the site. These are just random tapes that Keith finds for me. They are not necessarily chosen for their exciting news stories. Meaning that, for example, they would just include a random week of news stories from 1987. While this would be interesting to me, I know it wouldn’t be interesting to most people. So, at the moment I’m trying to decide which clips to upload to the site. I’m also trying to just pick out clips of local interest, not national news. At the moment I have a couple of good ones that I think I’ll use – a meeting about the proposed Carousel Center (1987), St. Patricks Day Parade (1984) and some dumb guy from S.U. running around campus playing “Cupid” (1987). There will probably be more, but those are the best ones right now. I’m also trying to figure out which, if any, sports clips to use. I don’t really care about sports, so I’m trying to figure out which basketball footage might be of interest to the most people.

So look for a new bunch of WTVH Archive videos to be posted in the next week or so.

Thanks for reading!