Videos gone from site

YouTube has permanently disabled my account for a couple of videos that they claimed were “copyright infringement”. Aside from the fact that I don’t agree with this, the thing that upsets me the most is the fact that they not only deleted the videos in question, they deleted my whole account – including several home video clips that were absolutely no one else’s property but my own. So, I will be creating a new account and will be uploading these videos again. This will take a very long time. Also, all of my videos will be made “Private” from now on so no one will be able to search YouTube and find them. I hate to do this, because a lot of people have found my site because of YouTube, but I can’t risk this happening again. So, once the videos are re-uploaded, the only place you’ll be able to see them is on my site.



2 Responses to “Videos gone from site”

  1. wonderham Says:

    I’ve now re-uploaded about 150 videos to a new account. I’m still working on doing the rest of them. It turns out I couldn’t make them “Private” videos and have them viewable on the site. So, they’re all “Public” like they used to be.

  2. John Sposato Says:

    Put them on Yahoo! instead.

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