STM Showboat video clips

As I mentioned before, I’ve recently been going through a large collection of old Beta and VHS video tapes. I’ve posted the first clips from these tapes – two different episodes of STM Showboat. STM Showboat was a kid’s show that aired on WSTM, Channel 3 in Syracuse, in the late 80s and early 90s. Click here to go to the page containing the videos.

One thing I noticed about these tapes is how much better the quality of the Beta tapes are as compared to VHS. Beta was definitely a better format. It’s too bad that because of some stupid reasons that VHS became the standard format. The STM Showboat clips are from old VHS tapes, and you can see how poor the quality is on those. Once I start posting clips from Beta tapes, you will certainly see a big difference. These tapes are over 20 years old, and they look like they were taped yesterday.

Anyway, I’ll probably be posting more commercials and news clips from these tapes in the next couple of weeks.


Syracuse Nostalgia

Penn Can Mall


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One Response to “STM Showboat video clips”

  1. Bob "Sid" Tierney Says:

    Thanks for uploading the Rainbow Rent to Own commercials from the mid-1980s! 1985-86 was my last year at SUNY-Oswego, and I’d see that commercial while watching Guiding Light in ’86. Regardless of how blue I felt, that commercial always perked me up.

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