Mike Price & McDonalds destroyed sign

Usually I’d make a blog post to promote an update I had made to one of my sites (you know the ones, Penn Can Mall and Syracuse Nostalgia). This time I just had two random thoughts I wanted to write about.

1 – Mike Price
Mike Price ruled. He recently retired after being on Channel 9 News in Syracuse for 46 years. 46 years! Damn! He always made me laugh with his sometimes ridiculous on-location pieces. I can’t think of any other local newscaster that would do some of the silly things that he’s done. He was really nice when I met him in person at the NYS Fair and was the only local news person that I would wait in line to get my picture taken with.

2 – Destroyed McDonalds sign
I told you these were random thoughts. What the heck happened to the McDonalds sign on Route 11 in North Syracuse a couple of weeks ago?  It was broken, with only the bottom parts of the “M” still standing.

The rest of the sign was laying on the ground behind where it originally stood, surrounded by some “caution” tape.

That sign had been there for as long as I can remember, so it was quite an odd thing to see. Also odd was the fact that I saw nothing about this on the news or online. Anyway, about a week later the sign was back up. I know, it’s not that interesting of a story. I was just wondering if anyone heard what happened.

Peace and Chicken McNuggets,


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2 Responses to “Mike Price & McDonalds destroyed sign”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I noticed when it was down too, I was glad to see it back up. Probably doing maintenance or something. I really like all the sings on that strip, Arbys, Sweetheart Corners, the Motel sign, wish they’d light that one up again. In Los Angeles there was a thing about 8 years ago called LUMENS Project that got all of the old Neon signs working again even if the business had been out say 50 years. It was a public art thing and it made driving around at night there pretty interesting searching out those old signs back to life.

  2. Anne L. Says:

    I saw the sign down too, I initially wondered if someone ran into it, or if it was related to that freaky hailstorm. Lots of pondering going on at that traffic light.
    Jeff above mentioned the sign for the motel… the Royal Motel? Is that place open for business? I’m so curious about it, but it’s pretty overgrown looking back there.

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