WNYS Channel 9 News Clip from 1972

I just wanted to make a quick post to say that I just uploaded a great video to the Syracuse Nostalgia site. Like the title of this post states, it’s a clip from WNYS (Channel 9 News in Syracuse, NY) from 1972. Click here to go directly to that page, which also includes a brief description of how I got the video.


Syracuse Nostalgia

Penn Can Mall


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6 Responses to “WNYS Channel 9 News Clip from 1972”

  1. paul gundersen Says:

    In the 1972 Rod Carr news clip-the guy in the Bette Midler ad looks like a young Eric bogosian (Law and Order)

  2. Mike Wilcox Says:

    I just viewed your Baron Daemon clips…and it took me WAY BACK, to…

    – going to a Baron personal appearance, at a car dealership in Eastwood, on a weekend afternoon, with the Baron pulling up in a hearse ! THE CROWD WAS HUGE, YOUNG AND WILD !

    The Baron gave away autographed photos, and I WISH I had one of those now.

    – NOT ONLY viewing The Baron’s latenight movies, but also his late afternoon Tv show, consisting of chapters from Buster Crabbe’s FLASH GORDON.

    The wrap-arounds to these clips, included the Baron piloting a very fake, and sparsely constructed rocket ship ACCOMPANIED with his sidekick HAIRY…I believe the goof balls name was !

    HAIRY had one of those generic caveman rubbermasks, and was clothed in a hat, and suitcoat !

    MEMORIES ! Thanks for them !

  3. Mike Wilcox Says:

    Specifically, relating to the news, I remember Mike Price’s Weather Reports on the news…they were ONLY surpassed, occasionally, by CHARLIE HOBART’S on WSYR.

    One Charlie Hobart weather segment promo, at the top of the 11PM news, one cold winter evening, was Charlie standing before the camera, with a chunk of ice on his head !


  4. musicfann Says:

    I remember attending the in-studio LIVE, JIM DELINE TV SHOW, on WSYR TV.

    The same studio held the Bud Ballou Dance Party…if that was the name of the Dick Clark-style show…on Saturday afternoons, I believe.

    I remember one show, with nubile young teen girls miming to SANDY SHAW’S “PUPPET ON A STRING”..

  5. channel 9 news syracuse ny | susan goodloe san diego Says:

    […] WNYS Channel 9 News Clip from 1972 В« Syracuse Nostalgia Jul 3, 2008 … Like the title of this post states, it's a clip from WNYS (Channel 9 News in Syracuse, NY) from 1972 … […]

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