Hi there

Hello. I run the Syracuse Nostalgia site as well as the Penn Can Mall site. I will post in this blog whenever I update either page. I will also post random thoughts or memories about certain things that have been posted on the sites. I already have a forum linked on the page, but it seems like this will be a better way to reach more people. I will still keep the forum active, but I will probably post here more often.

I guess I should post a little bit about myself, since that’s something I haven’t really done on either site. My name is Ham (ok, it’s Brian… but “Ham” has been my nickname since the late 1980s). I grew up in North Syracuse, NY, and graduated from Cicero-North Syracuse High School in January 1991. I was supposed to graduate in Fall of 1990, but I did not pass Gym Class and had to take it again for half a year. Let’s just say that I hated most things about Gym and did not participate and often did not not show up for class. You can also say that I’m prone to tangents. I guess that’s another thing this blog will be good for.

Anyway, if you’ve seen my Emmy-Award-Winning interview from WTVH-5 you already know why I started these sites. I have a lot of home video footage of the Syracuse area that I taped in the late 80s. At the time I was just goofing around with my new “toy” and trying to film funny footage of my friends. Years later, I realized I had some great footage of some local landmarks that either no longer existed or had drastically changed.

Fast forward to the start of “the internets” (as W says). I did a search for some of my favorite teenage hang-out spots – Penn Can Mall, Sweetheart Market, William Grocery, etc. – and could find nothing. So, I decided to start my own site, using my old video tapes as a starting point.

I actually started the Penn Can Mall site first. I had a ton of video footage of the mall, including a “Construction Tour” that I took in 2002, so that seemed like an obvious place to start. I thought perhaps myself and a few friends would enjoy the site but once I made a post about it in a syracuse.com forum, it was apparent that many people loved the old mall and were nostalgic about the area. The fact that it did receive so much interest inspired me to continue and design the Syracuse Nostalgia site.

I’ve gotten many great contributions from people and am always looking for more. If you have any photos, documents or other memorabilia from the area please either leave a comment below or send me an e-mail at theaudacityny@lycos.com . I’m also interested in getting old Beta or VHS video tapes containing programs taped on local Syracuse channels. Please let me know if you have any that you either want to get rid of or would be willing to let me borrow.

I also feel that I should note that I do not get paid to run these sites at all. This is just a hobby that I do in my spare time. I do have ads on the page and merchandise for sale to try and balance out the costs of running the site. However, as of writing this, they have not even covered half of the cost of the site. Anyway, my point in mentioning this is to please be understanding if you make a request and I am unable to help you. I don’t mind people making suggestions (in fact, I ask for suggestions whenever someone signs the Guestbook), but if I don’t have something all I can usually do is make a post asking for it and hope that someone will send in some photos or information. Sometimes this works, but often times I will get no response at all.

Anyway, I guess that’s enough of any introductory post. I have some new additions to the site coming up and will be posting about them soon!



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2 Responses to “Hi there”

  1. John Sposato Says:

    Even though you lived in North Syracuse, the site should have something for Fayetteville, Camillus, Clay, and Fairmount. If only there were more momentos. It makes you think that at the time of these photos, you’re not thinking that one day, it could all be gone, like with people. I just wish there was a such thing as a time machine, don’t you? With the craziness of today, you wanna relive a simpiler time.
    The rise of big box stores have erased the memories of some places, like Target in Fayetteville; it’s hard to imagine the old mall with this modern store and strip mall in its place. I wanna be like Abe Simpson or Sophia Petrillo passing down stories of the days of old.

  2. wonderham Says:


    I’m open to posting things from anywhere in the Syracuse area, including the places you mentioned. For some places I just have to rely on what people send me. Hopefully I’ll get something for those areas soon.

    Yeah, it is strange to think of how things have changed so much over the years. At least now with the internet we have a way to connect with people and share old stories and photos. I actually meant to take some photos around Fayetteville Mall before it closed, but I kept putting it off because I was too busy. Then, before I knew it, the mall had been torn down and I missed my chance.

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